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    The New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage for your new vehicle is provided by Lincoln Motor Company. The coverage includes Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty coverage, Powertrain Warranty coverage, Safety Restraint System coverage and Corrosion (perforation only) coverage. Federal law also requires that Lincoln Motor Company provide Emissions Warranties

    Additionally, for your security, your new Lincoln comes with complimentary Roadside Assistance coverage. Lincoln Protect is also available. Here, you can find condensed and comprehensive facts outlining all aspects of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty from Emission Warranty to Roadside Assistance.

    Warranty Coverage by Mileage

    Ford Customer Satisfaction
    Your satisfaction is our #1 goal. If you have questions or concerns about your vehicle, we suggest you follow these three steps:
    1. Contact your Sales Representative or Service Advisor at your selling/servicing dealership.
    2. If your inquiry or concern remains unresolved, contact the Sales Manager or Service Manager at the dealership.
    3. If the inquiry or concern cannot be resolved at the dealership level, please contact the Ford Customer Relationship Center.

    In Canada:

    Customer Relationship Centre
    Lincoln Motor Company of Canada, Limited
    P.O. Box 2000
    Oakville, Ontario L6J 5E4
    1-800-565-3673 (FORD)

    If you would like to download the full warranty document for your reference, click here.*

    *This file requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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    AXZ Plan pricing, including AXZ Plan option pricing, is exclusively for eligible Ford Motor Company employees, friends and family-members of eligible employees, and Ford Motor Company eligible partners. Restrictions apply. See your Ford or Lincoln dealer for complete details and qualifications. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to modify the terms of this Plan at any time.