To ensure you continue to experience the Lincoln driving experience as it’s meant to be, tire replacements under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty will be made with the same brand and model as originally equipped with the vehicle. If the same brand and model is no longer available, your Lincoln dealer will replace with a tire of the same brand size, load, speed and tread type. In some circumstances, Lincoln may authorize another brand and/or model to substitute for the original brand and model even if still available.


Tire warranty coverage at a glance


1 - 20,000 KM


20,001 - 40,000 KM


40,001 - 60,000 KM


60,001 - 80,000 KM


What is covered?


Two separate warranties apply to the tires on your new vehicle.


  • The New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers tire defects in factory-supplied materials or workmanship until the earlier of: (i) expiration of the Basic Coverage period of 48 months or 80,000 km (whichever occurs first); or (ii) until the tire requires normal replacement, for 100% of labour costs and on a pro rata adjustment basis for parts (see the Reimbursement Schedule above).
  • Defective tires will be replaced on a pro rata adjustment basis according to the preceding kilometre-based Reimbursement Schedule.
  • The tire manufacturer also provides you with a separate tire warranty that may extend beyond the Basic Coverage terms or period. You will find the manufacturer’s tire warranty with the owner literature supplied with your new vehicle.


What is not covered?


Normal wear and/or worn-out tires are not covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Other examples of items not covered are:


  • Road hazard damage including cuts, snags, bruises, bulges and impact breaks (due to potholes and curbs or other road hazards)
  • Damage caused by a puncture or tire repair
  • Damage from improper inflation or alignment, tire chains, racing, spinning (e.g. when stuck in snow or mud), and improper mounting or dismounting
  • Tire vibration or ride harshness is not covered beyond 12 months or 20,000 km (whichever occurs first) unless caused by a defect in factory supplied materials or workmanship
  • Tires replaced other than pursuant to the New Vehicle Limited Warranty Tire Warranty are not eligible for the balance of the Tire Warranty, however they may carry their own warranty (see your dealer or the tire manufacturer for more information).


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