Introducing Available SYNC® 476

This available unique, customer-driven technology combines conversational voice recognition, cloud-based connectivity, software update capabilities112 and so much more to bring you a seamless and personalized driving experience. And with the effortless integration of your smartphone, virtually everything’s in sync.

Conversational voice control

Cloud-based connectivity and conversational language understanding can help facilitate more than just a quick route. They can also help keep you in touch with the people close to you, giving you the ability to send texts with your voice. The software responds to your natural speech, letting you interact with your connected technology while you remain confidently in control of your vehicle.76


2022 Lincoln Navigator interior screen showing Alexa Built-in

Take Amazon Alexa Built-In for a ride

Experience a seamless transition from your home to your vehicle with Amazon Alexa Built-In156. Available in a range of Lincoln vehicles, you’ll have complimentary access to Amazon Alexa features for three years. From your favourite playlists and podcasts to directions, shopping, and more, everything you love about Amazon Alexa is just a voice command away in your vehicle.

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