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    We are pleased to welcome you to Lincoln’s Roadside Assistance! Our primary focus in providing this important benefit is to help ensure your safety, pleasure and convenience during the operation of your Lincoln vehicle.

    Wherever you may be in Canada or the continental United States, our Roadside Assistance Representatives will be there to ensure you receive quick and efficient service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just call 1-800-387-9333.

    Lincoln Roadside Assistance Eligibility
    Lincoln’s Roadside Assistance covers all Lincoln vehicles. Service will be provided to the driver of the registered Lincoln vehicle.

    Remaining Lincoln Roadside Assistance benefits are transferable to subsequent owners of your vehicle at no cost (within the 6 years or 110,000 km coverage period, whichever occurs first). Please complete the Owner Information Change Card found at the centre of this Guide (postage paid).

    Lincoln Roadside Assistance Card for Your Wallet
    For your convenience, please carry your Lincoln Roadside Assistance Card with you at all times for those unexpected instances when you may require our services. Please ensure you print your name and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your cards when you take delivery of your vehicle. (See centre inserts.) The 17 digit VIN is stamped on the front of the driver’s side dash.

    Lincoln Roadside Assistance Has You Covered
    Although this program is separate from the New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Lincoln Protect, coverage is concurrent with both the 6 years or 110,000 km (whichever occurs first) Powertrain Coverage and any additional terms/kilometres covered under your Lincoln Protect agreement.

    All coverage is limited to vehicles using publicly maintained roads (excludes off-road use, logging roads, etc.) and adjacent sites, and any other locations, which in the discretion of the service provider constitutes a publicly travelled thoroughfare.

    Please note that the Lincoln Roadside Assistance is a complimentary service. In the event that your new vehicle limited warranty is voided in whole or in part, your Roadside Assistance coverage may be limited and/or terminated by Ford of Canada without notice. Ford of Canada may terminate your Lincoln Roadside Assistance coverage at any time for any reason. There is no refund available to you in the event of termination.

    Towing and Road Service Reimbursement
    If your vehicle is stranded and requires towing, battery boosting, fuel (up to 10 litres), tire service, key service or other roadside services, simply call Lincoln Roadside Assistance toll-free within Canada or the continental United States at 1-800-387-9333 and assistance will be dispatched.

    At the time you call, you will be asked to provide your name, Vehicle Identification Number, the exact location of your vehicle and a telephone number where you can be reached.

    In the event that you use a service other than Lincoln Roadside Assistance, we may reimburse you up to a maximum of $100.00 per disablement.

    General Information on Roadside Assistance Services
    Covered Services

    • Road Service (labour performed at disablement site)
    • Service Calls (delivery of up to 10 litres of fuel or battery boost)
    • Towing of your disabled vehicle to the nearest Ford or Ford Lincoln dealership (one tow per disablement)

    Items Excluded from Coverage

    • Parts, tire repairs, rental of towing equipment, storage fees, or any labour performed at a garage or service station
    • Parts involved in lock-out service
    • Assistance from private citizens
    • Lincoln Roadside Assistance coverage is not a warranty, but a service provided to you by Ford to minimize any unforeseen vehicle operation inconvenience. All service operators providing service are independent contractors and are not employees of Ford. Therefore, Lincoln Roadside Assistance does not assume any liability for any loss or damage to your vehicle or your personal property resulting from the rendering of such service.
    • Any loss or damage is the sole responsibility of the servicing facility and should be reported to the proprietor of the facility and your own insurance company within 24 hours and prior to any repairs being carried out.

    Emergency Lock-out Service
    When your ignition key is lost, broken or accidentally locked inside your vehicle, call Lincoln Roadside Assistance and service will be dispatched. If circumstances require you to use an independent lock-out service, we may reimburse you up to $100.00.

    Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement
    Should your vehicle become disabled due to collision or mechanical breakdown while you are more than 160 km from your residence address, we may reimburse you up to $1,000 (in total), for the following reasonable emergency expenses (when not covered by insurance):

    Covered Expenses

    • Local lodging and meals
    • Vehicle rentals from bona fide rental agencies (excludes gas expense)
    • Commercial transportation to your destination, and return trip after repairs are completed

    Coverage period is the lesser of: date of vehicle disablement up to three (3) days in total, or the time at which your vehicle is repaired.

    Going on a Trip? We’d Love to Help You Plan!
    When you plan your next road trip, our Travel Planning Centre will provide detailed information on the most time-saving or scenic routes to your destination. This no-charge service includes easy-to-follow maps, a highlighted travel planner specific to your route and destination, travel tips, driving information and other useful material to make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

    If You Need to Submit a Claim
    We’ve enclosed a claim form in this Warranty Guide to be completed for emergency road and tow service reimbursement, or emergency travel expense reimbursement. File your claim no more than twenty (20) days after the occurrence.

    Send to:
    Lincoln Roadside Assistance Headquarters
    P.O. Box 2000, Oakville, ON L6K 1C8

    Complete the Customer Claim Form. Please include all original receipts and details of the event. This will facilitate prompt handling and reimbursement of your claim.

    Ford of Canada reserves the right to amend or cancel The Ford Roadside Assistance Program at any time without incurring any liability.

    Extend Your Lincoln Roadside Assistance Benefits
    Lincoln’s Roadside Assistance Coverage is also available beyond the Powertrain Coverage period. For a nominal yearly fee you can continue to enjoy this important benefit to help ensure your safety, pleasure and convenience during the operation of your Lincoln vehicle.

    For immediate registration or for further information, please visit our web site at, contact us at 1-800-387-9333 or visit any Lincoln of Canada dealer.

    Welcome AXZ Plan participant.


    Now you can view exclusive AXZ Plan pricing while browsing

    Note: AXZ Plan pricing information is not available on all Lincoln websites. In addition, some vehicles, trims or options you select may not qualify for AXZ Plans. Also, some dealers may choose not to participate in AXZ Plan pricing. Contact your local dealer to determine their level of participation in the Program and final vehicle pricing.

    What happens if I close this site before I’m finished?
    If you close your window or tab, you must re-access the site through the AXZ Plan Pricing website to ensure that all eligible plan pricing is visible. If you need additional information concerning the AXZ Plans, please refer back to you’re AXZ Plan Pricing website for complete details.

    AXZ Plan pricing, including AXZ Plan option pricing, is exclusively for eligible Ford Motor Company employees, friends and family-members of eligible employees, and Ford Motor Company eligible partners. Restrictions apply. See your Ford or Lincoln dealer for complete details and qualifications. Ford Motor Company reserves the right to modify the terms of this Plan at any time.