Your New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage is provided by Lincoln Motor Company. Below we have outlined all aspects of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty from Emission Warranty to Roadside Assistance. See your Warranty Guide for complete details.

What is covered?

The coverage includes comprehensive Basic Warranty coverage, Powertrain Warranty coverage, Safety Restraint System coverage and Corrosion coverages. Federal law also requires that Lincoln Motor Company provide Emissions Warranties. Additionally, for your security, your new Lincoln comes with complimentary Roadside Assistance coverage. Lincoln Protect is also available.


What is not covered?


Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you

It’s your responsibility to make sure all scheduled maintenance is performed and that the materials used meet Lincoln engineering specifications. Failure to perform scheduled maintenance as specified in the Scheduled Maintenance section in your Owner’s Guide will invalidate warranty coverage on parts affected by improper maintenance. You should therefore retain receipts for completed maintenance work and have the retailer complete the Scheduled Maintenance Validation Record.


By taking care of your vehicle you can avoid the expense of major repairs resulting from neglect or inadequate maintenance, and it may even help increase the resale value of your vehicle.


Your retailer has factory-trained technicians who can perform the required maintenance using Lincoln-approved parts. The retailer looks forward to meeting your every service need to maximize your satisfaction with your vehicle.

See your Warranty Guide for details



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