Lincoln Embrace

You’re near and your Aviator can tell. When it senses your approach, a suite of features activate as if to say “Welcome back” and “Where to next?”


Lincoln Embrace features and function vary by model.


Time is perhaps one of the most valuable luxuries in life. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the time you spend in a Lincoln Aviator is as relaxing as it is thrilling.
U.S. Model Shown.
The front cabin of a 2021 Lincoln Aviator is shown with a remote mountain range seen through the windshield


Experience the sound of sanctuary. The Lincoln Aviator features available Active Noise Control that captures, analyzes and reduces unwanted sound within the cabin. Acoustic Laminated Windshield and Front Door Glass also aid in interior quietness. To reduce sound from the powertrain, the engine compartment is sealed with a dual wall and the exhaust system is dual-valved. These attributes and more were all artfully crafted for your peace of mind.
U.S. Model Shown.
A hand is shown holding a violin to indicate the Detroit Symphony Orchestras recording of vehicle chimes


A bow being drawn across the strings of a violin, the soft yet recognizable tempo from a marimba and mellow echo of a viola. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra® has recorded soothing yet still attention-getting musical alerts that serve as non-critical, soft-warning and hard-warning chimes. Now, when your door is slightly ajar the sound you hear will be equally informative while being far more soothing.