2017 Lincoln Navigator Luxury SUV | Lincoln Canada

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15.9/12 L/100KM2  

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3.5L Twin-Turbocharged GTDI V6 Engine

3.5L Twin-Turbocharged V6 Engine

The standard 3.5L twin-turbocharged 2017 Lincoln Navigator engine delivers 380 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque.11 But it's far more than raw power. Direct fuel injection delivers smooth and sophisticated power on demand and a Government of Canada-estimated rating of 15.9 L/100 km (18 mpg) city, 12.0 L/100 km (24 mpg) hwy, and 14.1 L/100 km (20 mpg) combined2. The combination of power and performance help to deliver impressive towing capability: up to 8,600 pounds (3,900 kg) when properly equipped.

Lincoln Drive Control

Lincoln Drive Control

Engineered for a dynamic ride, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator allows the driver to choose from different driving modes - Comfort, Normal or Sport - to fit his or her mood. We call it Lincoln Drive Control with adaptive suspension.

A series of twelve advanced sensors read 46 different driving inputs up to 20 times per second - faster than the blink of an eye. With that information, the system adjusts the suspension in 20 milliseconds.

Third-Row Comfort

Third-Row Comfort

Rear-seat passengers enjoy first-class comfort.

Whether you're hosting passengers or hauling cargo, the third row is first class in both form and function. Your passengers will enjoy best-in-class* third-row leg room, and while loading cargo you'll enjoy the third-row seats' one-touch standard PowerFold® capability. With the touch of one button the third row folds completely flat.

*Class is Luxury Premium Utilities based on Lincoln segmentation.