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A Lincoln M K C is shown from above as it is being driven along a tree lined country road


The standard adaptive suspension in the Lincoln MKC uses a suite of sensors to monitor and adjust the suspension. Plus, you can select the operating mode—Comfort, Normal or Sport—that suits the driving experience you prefer, from exceptional ride quality to a spirited, sporty feel.
U.S. Model Shown.

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A woman is shown next to a Lincoln M K C with the Lincoln Signature grille playing a prominent role


Sleek, elegant and bold—the redesigned signature grille places the Lincoln Star logo upon a field of appealing and patterned Lincoln Star logos. It's a fresh perspective that unites the entirely redesigned front fascia, including LED headlights, bumper and chrome details, to create a departure that signals a true arrival.

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A Lincoln M K C is shown being driven on a highway in traffic with its brake light illuminated


Automatic Emergency Braking10  can potentially help avoid or lessen the severity of a traffic accident. The Lincoln MKC supports drivers by helping to avoid or lessen the severity of front crashes with another vehicle in certain situations. The Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection system106  alerts drivers with an audible alarm and visual warning light, or active braking if the driver fails to respond in time.

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Explore the well-connected MKC with its elegant style, street smarts and many thoughtful touches.
M K C in rhapsody blue