Introducing The All-New 2020 Lincoln Corsair | Compact Luxury Crossover |


Luxury is about living a lifestyle that empowers you to elevate every experience. The Lincoln Corsair, a five-passenger, two-row compact luxury crossover combines spirited agility with responsive adaptability to deliver an exciting ride that is fun to drive. Flowing exterior design lines combined with interior airiness and serene quietness creates a sense of sanctuary. While intuitive technology and smooth, hug-the-road performance give you the freedom to make the most of any moment.
A Lincoln Corsair in flight blue is being driven along a coast with active power and precision


Because a car should be fun to drive. The Lincoln Corsair offers you a choice between an efficient 2.0L I-4 engine and available, powerful 2.3L engine that puts out 280-horse power.11 * Combined with a new 8-speed transmission and 4-wheel independent suspension, this vehicle is designed to provide agility, nimbleness and easy handling. The smooth and effortless acceleration of the Corsair, paired with hug-the-road performance delivers an energetic and seemingly frictionless driving experience.

U.S. Pre-production model shown.

*Targeted horsepower ratings achieved with 93-octane fuel.

The quiet airy and tranquil interior cabin of the Lincoln Corsair invites in light and inner peace


A personal sanctuary created by mindful design. The Lincoln Corsair delivers an experience that is quiet and peaceful with the integration of a dual wall dash between passengers and the powertrain. This sound-dampening barrier gives you a comfortable space to converse, listen to music or simply be alone with your thoughts.
U.S. Pre-production model shown.
A driver approaches a Lincoln Corsair in flight blue at night greeted by the soft glow of Lincoln Embrace


Receive a warm welcome every time you head out for a drive. The Lincoln Embrace adds a human touch to your vehicle as it activates upon your approach. Your Lincoln Corsair will invite you in with sequential lighting, a Signature Lincoln Welcome Mat, a soft LED exterior glow and overhead lighting that illuminates the interior.
U.S. Pre-production model shown.
The door controls of an ebony and cashew interior show off different settings that can be set with personal profiles


A vehicle that recalls your unique preferences. With Personal Profiles, the Lincoln Corsair can recognize a driver by their key fob.* You can create pre-selected settings including seat positions, audio and available ambient lighting preferences. Additionally, through the Lincoln Way™ App,92 your smartphone can be set up to execute traditional key fob functions such as unlock, lock, remote start and lift gate access.112

U.S. Pre-production model shown.

*Two fobs come with purchase. Additional fobs may be purchased. See dealer for details.


The Lincoln Corsair offers the functionality and flexibility you need to balance your life and optimize every experience. This vehicle’s thoughtfully designed and indulgent interior cabin experience is all about expression. Its intelligent technology exhilarates you with power and performance while its airy and incredibly comfortable design provides positive sensations that rejuvenate you. Further, the horizontal details throughout the vehicle create a sense of calm that helps you effortlessly find your inner peace.
A woman slides the second row seat forward to create more cargo space in the trunk


Easily adjust your vehicle’s passenger and cargo101 space with a second-row sliding seat. The Lincoln Corsair offers added adaptability and storage capacity with a second-row seat designed to adjust to different situations. The sliding seat bench provides more legroom for backseat passengers or opens up more room in the cargo area—empowering you to customize your ride based on your precious cargo.
U.S. Pre-production model shown.
The open trunk of a flight blue Lincoln Corsair holds canvas bags filled with market goods to show off cargo capacity


Put everything in its place. The Corsair has additional space throughout the entire vehicle. It integrates intuitive and flexible cargo areas and configurations including a package tray and underfloor stowaway, adding storage in surprising places.101
U.S. Pre-production model shown.
A woman pushes the easy fold power button in the trunk to effortlessly fold seats and open up cargo space


Seats that effortlessly adjust. When you need to load long items, operating the second-row EasyFold capability is as simple as pushing a power release button in the trunk. This button will command the electrified system to fold forward on its own—making the reconfiguration of your seating a breeze. Additionally, the second row seats can be manually folded flat to provide an abundance of storage space.101
U.S. Pre-production model shown.




The Lincoln Corsair and Lincoln Corsair Reserve models stimulate the senses with exhilarating performance, expressive design and extraordinary technology that elevates life on the road.