U.S. Model Shown.
The bright Head Up Display projection puts vital information in focus on the windshield above the steering wheel as a driver navigates a city street


The standard Head-Up Display12 helps to prove that what lies ahead is just as important as what is happening now. The system helps to create a custom driving experience by letting drivers choose what data to display, from standard driving information to Adaptive Cruise Control settings, Lane-Keeping System information and more.
A 2021 Lincoln Navigator in Burgundy Velvet towing a sports boat is being driven up a serene mountain pass with calm waters and warm sunlight


Standard Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go capability10 and Collision Mitigation106 makes your drive even more effortless. When the Navigator is in Adaptive Cruise Mode, radar scans the road ahead and detects if you are approaching slower traffic. The system can automatically brake and accelerate to keep you at your set speed or follow with the pace of traffic when speeds are below your set speed. With the addition of Stop-and-Go,* the feature can bring your vehicle to a complete stop in congested traffic and restart it as traffic begins to move.
*If the stop is longer than 3 seconds, driver must tap accelerator pedal or push resume button to confirm that he or she wants the vehicle to start moving again.
A female driver is thoughtfully looking at her centre screen as soft sunlight spills through the windows
Bright L E D adaptive headlamps light the road ahead in dramatic contrast to the dark night and twinkle of city lights within the backdrop


Speed-sensitive, jewel-like Adaptive LED Headlamps10 help direct your attention to where it's needed on the road ahead. These headlamps10 cast a wider beam at slower speeds and more focused, longer beams at faster speeds. Because the LEDs selected for use in the Navigator were designed for the lifetime of the vehicle, you may never need to replace a single one.
A woman stands next to a 2021 Lincoln Navigator as her silhouette is illuminated in the sun pulling her reflections into the facade of the vehicle


It’s as simple as its name, using your personal smartphone as a key. With a few simple steps via the Lincoln Way™ app92 and an active Lincoln Connect™ subscription,112 you can program your phone to act as the key to the Lincoln Navigator. Via a Bluetooth™ connection, your phone will grant you entry into the Lincoln Navigator and allow you to start it with the simple press of a button. You’ll never have to take your car keys with you again. And should your phone run out of power, you can simply enter backup codes to gain access to and start the vehicle.
A woman outside a loft approaches a 2021 Lincoln Navigator as the recognition capabilities of the Personal Profiles system are already engaging


The Lincoln Navigator is sure to create many memorable moments, and with Personal Profiles, it will remember you. Up to three key fobs* can be programmed to instruct your Lincoln Navigator to adjust a number of features, even as you approach the vehicle, that have been specifically set for different drivers. Profiles can also be accessed and initiated through the SYNC® 390 home screen. Preset settings, including seat, mirror and pedal positions as well as audio and climate control preferences and many other features, are adjusted as soon as the driver approaches and enters the vehicle.
*Two fobs come with purchase. Additional fobs may be purchased. See dealer for details.