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    • Introducing SYNC® 3

      Our next generation of voice-activated technology.90
      New hardware. New software. New features.
      SYNC® 3 Videos
    • Real-world conversation.

      SYNC® 3 with enhanced voice recognition responds to the way you actually speak.90 Learn more
    • Smartly presented.

      SYNC® 3 conveniently organizes key features right on the home screen. Learn more
    • Impressively responsive.

      SYNC® 3 features quick reactions to voice commands
      and a responsive capacitive touch screen.
      Learn more
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    with MyLincoln Touch™
    SYNC® 3


    SYNC® with MyLincoln Touch® 6 keeps you connected with advanced voice-activated technology. Use your voice to make a call, listen to music, and much more. An intelligently organized touch screen features four quadrants that help keep you connected while you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

    With SYNC® 390, you can enjoy all of the great SYNC® with MyLincoln Touch® features, plus our next generation of voice-activated technology. New easy-to-use design. New interface. New features. SYNC® 3 is not only new, it's responsive and innovative. Discover how SYNC® 3 delivers next-level connectivity to your busy life.12


    Discover which SYNC® system can help keep you connected.

    Learn More
    Learn More

    Hands-Free Calling

    Make a call with a simple push of a button along with the sound of your voice, and the phone conversation can be heard through your vehicle's speakers. Once the phone is paired, you can automatically download the names and numbers programmed in your compatible phone.12

    No-Extra-Charge 911 Assist® 5

    Connect your compatible cell phone to this convenient no-extra-charge feature. 911 Assist® can call for assistance in the case of an accident, even if you can't.5 The 911 call goes directly through your properly connected cell phone without the need for intermediary assistance.

    Music Search and Control

    With SYNC® with MyLincoln Touch® 6, it’s easy to connect to your music and entertainment wherever you travel. Simply say what music you want to hear and listen to it easily with voice-activated search or say "Bluetooth® audio"6 to wirelessly stream your favourite content on your phone. Control your favourite SiriusXM Satellite Radio13 stations with simple voice commands too.

    Find your favourite music quickly with simple voice commands. If you are listening to the radio and want to hear music from your Bluetooth® or USB-connected phone instead, just say "play" and the artist or song name, and SYNC® 390 can automatically switch to your music selection. Control your favourite SiriusXM Satellite Radio13 stations with simple voice commands too.

    Siri® Seamless Integration91


    SYNC 3 brings the power of Siri® Eyes Free and your iPhone®91 into your vehicle. With Siri® Eyes Free and the simple push of a button on your steering wheel, you can speak natural language voice commands in order to operate your iPhone, all while keeping your eyes on the road. Make or receive a call, reserve a table at your favourite restaurant, audibly send a "see you there" text and more.

    LCD Screen

    You can easily control the things you want with a colour-coded touch-screen display, including entertainment, phone and optional navigation. You can even customize the look of your home screen by using a favourite saved photo as your home-screen wallpaper.

    The new capacitive touch screen has impressive functionality including the convenient swipe, and available navigation with pinch-to-zoom functionality similar to what is found on your smartphone. SYNC® 3 reacts quickly to your commands. From the responsive, capacitive touch screen to understanding simple voice commands, SYNC® 3 delivers responsive high-speed performance.

    Voice Recognition

    Along with making a call with the touch of a button and simple voice commands, you can access SiriusXM Satellite Radio13 with voice commands. Say "Bluetooth® audio"4 and play a song, the next song or previous track. In addition, you can adjust the climate control (if equipped) and access the available Navigation System with simple voice commands.

    With our next generation of voice recognition technology, you can speak to SYNC® 390 with simple real-world voice commands and the system responds naturally to your voice. Controlling your phone and more is as easy as saying "Call Mom".

    Automatic Updates over Wi-Fi®91


    Keeping SYNC® 390 current with the latest software is easier than ever. Updates happen automatically as they become available - all you need is a Wi-Fi connection.91

    Climate Control

    If equipped, you can use your voice to adjust the climate, so you can stay comfortable without having to lift a finger. Once you set your favourite temperature, you can say "my temperature on" and return to it later with the press of a button.

    If equipped, you can use your voice to set your favourite temperature or access the colour touch screen to adjust the temperature with large, easy-to-use touch buttons. The climate icon appears on select vehicles at the bottom of the SYNC® 390 home screen for quick, easy access.

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