A person is shown sitting in the driver’s seat of a 2024 Corsair® SUV driving hands-free using BlueCruiseTM 1.2
A 2024 Lincoln Corsair® SUV is shown in reverse close to a wall
A 2024 Lincoln Corsair® Grand Touring SUV is being driven on a hillside road


U.S. model shown. Screens shown are simulated and subject to change. 
U.S. model shown.
A person is shown sitting in the driver’s seat of a 2024 Corsair SUV while adjusting their personal profiles settings


A vehicle that recalls your unique preferences. With personal profiles, the Lincoln Corsair SUV can recognize drivers by their key fob and automatically adjust to preselected settings, including seat positions, audio and available driver-assist preferences.
U.S. model shown.
A 360-degree camera view is displayed in the centre touchscreen of a 2024 Lincoln Corsair SUV


A clear vision created through a holistic view. Expand your sight with a series of built-in cameras that provide a bird’s-eye view around the vehicle. The available 360-Degree Camera system10 also offers a front/rear split view showing what is in front of or behind the vehicle along with views showing cross traffic. All the views are accessed with a button near the screen,10 giving you enhanced awareness to make sure that most maneuvers are free of obstacles.
U.S. Computer-Generated image shown.
The head-up display projects driver information on the windshield above the steering wheel at night

Available Head-Up Display12

Keep your eyes on the road by getting data you need to know at a glance. The available digital head-up display12 projects standard driver information on your windshield. The display is viewable in virtually all lighting conditions and can be read while wearing polarized sunglasses. You can customize the data that displays, including Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control 2.0 settings, Lane-Keeping System information and more.
U.S. model shown.
The centre touchscreen of a 2024 Lincoln Corsair® SUV shows the Calm View
The center touchscreen of a 2024 Lincoln Corsair® SUV displays a number of SYNC® 4 setting options
A rear-seat passenger of a 2024 Lincoln Corsair® SUV uses his smartphone


U.S. Computer-Generated image shown.
U.S. Computer-Generated image shown.
A black Revel® door speaker’s contrasting texture mimics the goosebump raising sensation of the sound system

Available Revel® Audio System86

Get the sensation of sitting in front-row concert seats from the comfort of your vehicle. The available Revel® Audio System features 14 speakers, including a sub-woofer, and a 12-channel amplifier to create an immersive and exhilarating sound experience86.