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The dazzling LED headlamps of a 2023 Lincoln Corsair SUV sparkle in the sunlight

Available Jeweled LED Headlamps

Focus on the bright road ahead of you with available Jeweled LED Headlamps that are both beautiful and functional. The brilliant appearance of the headlamps gives the face of the vehicle gorgeous depth and interest. Beyond appearance, smart technology monitors and responds to the road — bending into curves and providing a clear view with speed-dependent lighting.

The 2023 Lincoln Corsair Performance

On the exterior, a new grille design adds elevated style. Behind the wheel, the Lincoln Corsair also guides you on how to optimize your performance with eco- behaviour info, which provides tips on how to drive more efficiently through actions like braking and accelerating.


Through the window of a 2023 Lincoln Corsair SUV we see a hand turning the drive modes knob

Lincoln Drive Modes

The Lincoln Corsair SUV is ready to adapt and respond to the changing environment with four drive modes designed to handle different road conditions. Choose from Normal, Excite, Conserve and Slippery by turning a conveniently placed knob in the centre front console. The Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring model also comes with Preserve EV and Pure EV drive modes.


The park button on the elegant piano key shifter is lit up and engaged as light dances off chrome accents and design lines

Piano Key Shifter

Inspired by musical elegance, the streamlined design of the Piano Key Shifter strikes a chord. When you need to switch gears, simply touch the key for Park, Drive, Neutral or Reverse and watch your selected setting illuminate.
Computer-generated U.S. model image shown.